Rhead’s Meadow

Rhead's Meadow


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RSPB Working Group

The land that has been donated by the RSPB to the Parish Council is going to be developed into open space for the use of the local residents.

The main intention is to preserve the existing birds and wildlife and encourage new species. We would love to form an amiable habitat for hedgehogs for example.  The working committee has named the site temporarily ‘Rheads Common’ until we finalise the title with consultation.

The intention is to plant an orchard and we are researching the options available with the soil type available. To have picnic benches and an area of relaxation. The pathways should link across the whole site for walkers, cyclists and maybe a bridleway with obvious disabled access. We hope to be able to have some project information to inform the visitors of the history and background to the site.

Eventually we will need volunteers to assist the project develop and give ongoing maintenance to the site. If you are interested please contact the clerk or any Parish Councillor.