Visions and Objectives

After consultations with residents a number of issues were identified and from these a set of visions were written to try to address these issues.

Somerford should be kept as an identifiable attractive rural village community which enjoys the peace and being part of the countryside while still contributing to the wider geographical community.
The character of Somerford will be maintained and its rural and agricultural surroundings will remain an attractive place to live, work in and visit.

  • To deliver sustainable housing development over the plan period while retaining the rural character of the area with its open countryside and ensuring it continues to be an attractive place to live.
  • To promote sustainable businesses that fit into the rural economy without significant environmental impact.
  • To reduce the need for travel by car and shorten the length and duration of journeys and to make travel in Somerford as safe as possible for all users.
  • Somerford will retain its rural character, with attractive landscape, environment and green spaces. The village will remain distinct and separate from Congleton, with high quality agriculture land preserved, nature conservation supported, and its land used efficiently
  • Somerford will be a thriving community, meeting the needs of the community while maintaining the character and vitality of the village.
  • To ensure development is well designed and reflects the heritage and the distinctive character setting of the village.

These visions will help us to go on to create our objectives and then our policies.

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