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Congleton Link Road - Appointed Engineers: Graham Graham construction congleton link road

The Project Team have been working through the programme to establish what impact Covid-19 has had. It has now been confirmed that the earliest completion date for the scheme is 27th January 2021 and again subject to change due to the Covid-19 pandemic and weather conditions.

If you have any concerns please visit the Graham Website or contact Daniel Cawthra daniel.cawthra@graham.co.uk Stakeholder & Communications Officer for the Congleton Link Road.

If you have any questions, please contact us via congletonlink@graham.co.uk
For more information or to keep up-to date with the project, please visit the Congleton Link Road page on Grahams website


Congleton Link Road

Congleton Link Road

Congleton Link Road

Congleton Link Road

Congleton Link Road Working Group

Dan Cawthra Stakeholder & Communications Officer 

Congleton Link Road Construction

Construction work commenced in November 2018 with scheduled completion set for late 2020. Core elements of the project will involve cutting the road 8m deep into mudstone in a 25m high escarpment before traversing the River Dane with an 85m long bridge and landing on a 12m high embankment founded on piled alluvium. Two further road bridge crossings and two underpasses will be constructed while 3.5km of realigned and new local roads represent an additional portion of the works programme, which will demand landscaping and environmental mitigation to accommodate great crested newts, bats and ancient woodland.

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