Grants and Donations

Somerford  Parish Council sets aside a sum of money each year to donate to good causes in the parish as either a grant or a donation. The sum allocated by the Parish is part of the annual precept the Parish Council collects from the electorate and is available for distribution from 1 April each year.

The Parish Council is governed by rules set out in the Local Government Act 1972 (section 137) which states the money must be spent on purposes for the direct benefit of the parish and be commensurate with the expenditure incurred, for example, spending a large amount for the benefit of only one or two people is not acceptable.

Contributions may be made to charities and bodies providing a public service on a non-profit making basis, but only in furtherance of their work in the United Kingdom. It is unlawful for a council to contribute to an individual or a charity or a public service body operating overseas. Contributions to UK charities and bodies providing a public service do not have to bring any direct benefit to the council’s area or to its inhabitants.

No further amount should be allocated from the annual budget if the money is committed before the end of the financial year (end of March each year).


Applications will be accepted throughout the financial year from individuals (on behalf of a group) or not for profit community groups, or where the donation is to provide benefit to residents of Somerford. Any expenditure under section 137 must be properly authorised by resolution, minuted and shown in a separate column in the councils’ accounts.

Somerford Parish Council operate the following criteria:

  • Only one application for a grant in each financial year
  • A limit of £300.00 per organisation will be applied except for exceptional circumstances.
  • The organisation must be non-profit making (and not an individual)
  • Grants are not made retrospectively
  • The organisation must be one that, in some way, benefits the local community
  • The organisation maybe asked to demonstrate a clear need for financial support by providing a description of the project / activity for which a contribution is needed
  • A set of audited accounts or suitable financial statement may be required to ensure there is a genuine need for a grant
  • Organisations that have only recently set up and do not have audited accounts should provide a financial statement regarding their proposed budget instead.
  • Efforts to generate income from other sources maybe required.
  • A report on how the money was spent maybe requested and if required should be submitted to Somerford Parish Council with details of the outturn
  • Monitoring may take place.


Although applications will be accepted throughout the year, normally they will be considered twice during the financial year – in the months of June and December.  Ideally, therefore applications should be submitted to the Clerk of the Council not later than the end of the preceding month with the information set out in the policy above using the Council’s application form.  The application will be placed on the agenda for consideration who will decide on the application based on the information provided.  Please note that all agenda papers are published and therefore in the public domain.   The Clerk of the Council will inform the applicant of the Councils’ decision and arrange payment if you are successful or an explanation if the grant or donation was turned down.

Should you be successful:

A written receipt maybe requested to be provided by the organisation and a note to show the funds have been used for the purposes specified in the application.

  • The council reserves the right to require repayment in the event of the outcome not being achieved.

Grant / donation application form

If you consider your organisation is eligible to apply for a grant or donation please apply in writing including a financial statement from your organisation to the Parish Council office the Clerks address shown on the website.    If you have any queries please contact the Clerk of the Council to discuss your application.

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