Community Governance Review Response to CEBC

Thank you all for taking the time to make your views known about the Cheshire East proposals in their Community Governance Review, both in hard copy and through the web links.

We’ve had a terrific number of responses and many of you have also signed our petitions over recent weeks. We’ve taken note of all your comments and it’s been a real inspiration to hear about your loyalty to the Parish.

The Cheshire East consultation closes this Sunday, so based on what you told us we’ve now sent our formal and detailed response to the Borough Council. There’s still time before the end of 28 November to respond to Cheshire East’s consultation if you’d like to.

Thanks again for your time and your efforts, and we’ll keep you informed of course as and when we hear anything more.

Response of Somerford Parish Council to the CEBC CGR

SOS Save Our Somerford Cheshire

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