Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 18th January 2021

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 18th January 2021 virtually on Zoom.


Councillor G Bell (Chairman), (GB)
Councillor P Crompton (Vice Chairman) (PC)
Councillor R Crookes (RC)
Councillor G Derbyshire (GD)
Councillor S Hughes (SH) (arrived at 7.50pm and left at 8.10pm)
Councillor J Hardman (JH)
Councillor A Power, (AP)
Mrs J Mason (Clerk)

Declaration of Interest.

Cllr JH – Loachbrook estate and Cllr GD – Loachbrook estate

Public Forum

No one present.

01/21 Apologies

Cllr J Wray Cheshire East Ward Cllr- due to prior commitment.

02/21 Minutes

Resolved the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 14th December 2020 having been circulated be approved and accepted as a true and accurate record.

03/21 Town & Parish Conference 12th January 2021

The Chairman and the Clerk had attended the conference on zoom and gave a brief update to the members (the presentation had been circulated). They had presented the budget for 2021/22 and spend to date, they were £7M overspent on their service budget. All the monies for COVID-19 had been recouped from Central Government. There had been an acknowledgment that they would not allocate the £1M left from the £2M Community New Home Bonus monies which would affect Somerford Parish Council as they had spent a great deal of time and effort in writing the bid. CE had allocated £1M in 2018/19 and promised the remaining to be allocated in 2019/20.

04/21 Rhead’s Meadows

The gates had been fitted on site and the fencing had been repaired. The two benches had been delivered this week and were in the process of being treated before fitting.

The orchard was due to be planted by CWT on Saturday 23rd January, sadly due to COVID-19 restrictions our volunteers could not be utilised.

Equator had completed all the planting of the shrubs, bulbs, and trees. The result had been very well received from the public.

The remaining hedgerow would be planted this week, weather depending.

The entrance stone had been kindly delivered from Bridestones but it had been noted the sign writing needed attention as it was peeling away.

The Clerk had reported to Bridestones and the invoice had not yet been paid.

The woodland trust had visited site and the number of trees had been agreed by Alex Froggatt and the Chairman. This was due to be planted in January /February.

Cllr SH left the meeting at 8.10pm

Resolved the Parish Council would form a working committee of Cllr GB, Cllr RC, Cllr PC, and the Clerk.

Resolved the members of the Parish Council would purchase and donate a bench for the site and place a plaque on with the details of the donation.

Resolved an arboriculturist report would be carried out for the insurance purposes on site.

The Clerk enquired of details of a contractor for the site over the coming year. It was agreed a maintenance scheduled would be reviewed with the Clerk, the Chairman and Ms A Froggatt.

The Chairman requested the gentleman who offered to fit owl boxes was informed it would be an ideal time to come to site and fit the boxes.

Cllr RC noted the north field was very waterlogged and he hoped the trees would survive. AF had advised the trees were alder and birch and should be resilient.

05/21 Blackfirs Nature Reserve

The PC’s solicitor had reported that there were outstanding documents from CWT which was delaying the signing of the lease.

Cllr RC reported that the site was very waterlogged at the present time with the amount of rain. The Clerk was still chasing pond quotes for the diversity S106 monies.

06/21 GDPR Officer

The members debated reinstating the officer for 2021/22. It was a cost of £720.00 for the year.

Resolved the PC would instruct J D H Services for 2020/21 with the other two Parish Councils to split the fee.

07/21 Loachbrook – ‘Bovis’ Estate

There had been a rearrangement of meetings to Tuesday evenings. The planting had been completed on site over December. There had been no progress with the Cheshire Railings or the laying out of the gates. The Chairman still felt communication should be made with Cheshire East to discuss the Community Park.

The pathway over the bridge to the Anwyl estate had been completed and the lamp posts had finally been moved on A54.  The bridleway onto to Sandy Lane had been levelled to meet the road.

No actions on the play area.

08/21 Highways

Roundabouts on the Congleton Link Road

It had come to light that CTC had been very premature about their proposals. No works could be completed until CE highways had adopted the CLR.

Damaged sign on Chelford Road

Still outstanding.

Lyndale blocked gully 3403824 – actioned.

Sign on A54 knocked over the Clerk would report.

Power to Christmas trees on Chelford Road

The Chairman had enquired with Mr P Griffiths about installing power to the triangle from a housing developer on Back Lane. Feedback had been positive.

Pavement on Back Lane

From the new roundabout the pavement stopped on the southern side and it seemed sensible that it should continue to allow pedestrian access to the playing fields without crossing the road. It was agreed this would be reported to Mr P Griffiths.

Motorhome on Blackfirs Park

Cllr AP discussed this as it was a breach of a covenant in the house deeds. It was agreed as the estate had not been handed over the PC could not intervene.
Speed – is it a high priority in your parish. (CHALC survey)

Resolved it was in the top three priorities.

09/21 Cheshire East  

Environmental Weight Restriction – JW had reported this was now on the March LAH agenda.

Grey Stone Wall 7993981 – Still outstanding.

10/21 Planning Applications

  • 20/5680C 19 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4QD – outline application with all matters reserved for one detached dwelling.

Resolved No Objection

  • 20/5217C Rive Dane Holiday Park, Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford CW12 4SL – use of land for the stationing of 5 No static holiday caravans, landscaping, and associated works.

Resolved Objection

  • 20/5361C Oak Lea, Holmes Chapel Road Somerford CW12 4SN – Prior approval Application for prior approval for the proposed enlargement of the dwelling house by construction of additional storey(s) raising the maximum height of the roof by 3.2 metres.

Resolved comments would be made even though not a consultee as stated on the website and compliant made the SPC had been shown as a consultee

  • 20/5760C Radnor Green, Land off Back Lane, Congleton – reserved matters application for 179no dwellings including associated roads, car parking and landscaping works.

Resolved comments would be submitted.

Resolved communication should be made with Stuart Milne Homes

11/21 Accounts

To note the balance of the accounts = £14,405.95


  • Direct Debit £5.99 Office 365
  • Online payment – £14.39 Zoom
  • Online payment – £50.00 Mr G Bell (artificial grass)
  • Online payment – £1,615.58 Cranage Parish Council (Clerks salary Sept to Dec inc HMRC contributions of £107.46)
  • Online payment – £200.00 JDH Services Ltd (GDPR)
  • Online payment – £96.00 A B Haulage
  • Online payment – £1,171.80 AP Matthews Nurseries Ltd
  • Online payment – £78.00 Manor Computer Shop
  • Online payment – £129.85 Marches Ironmongery (oil)
  • Online payment – £44.98 Mr G Bell (lights)
  • Online payment – £120.00 CHALC (Planning Training Cllr SH, Cllr JH, Cllr GD and the Clerk)
  • Online payment– £445.20 Crewe Colour Printers
  • Online payment – £66 Direct Trade Supplies (glue)
  • Online payment – £1,171.80 AP Matthews Nurseries Ltd
  • Online payment – £2,004.00 Wildwood (benches)

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


  • £125.00 Cllr PC
  • £125.00 Cllr JH
  • £125.00 Cllr AP
  • £125.00 Cllr RC
  • £125.00 Cllr GD
  • £125.00 Cllr SH
  • £125.00 Cllr GB

It was noted the council tax band was £65.31 for a band D property.

Bank Reconciliation

It was agreed this would be collected by Cllr PC and checked before the next meeting.

12/21 Clerks Report

Local Council Award

The clerk had submitted the application.

13/21 Chairman and Members Report

No comments

Part 2

Clerks Development Review

The Chairman had reported that the Clerks appraisal had been completed in December. The result was the Clerk was due to have an assessment on her role with CHALC and the three respective Chairmen from her other orles as Clerk.

14/21 It was noted the next meeting was on the 15th February 2021.

The meeting concluded business at 9.30pm


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