Minutes: Parish Council Meeting Monday 16th November 2020 virtually on Zoom

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 16th November 2020 virtually on Zoom.

Councillor G Bell (Chairman), (GB)
Councillor P Crompton (Vice Chairman) (PC)
Councillor R Crookes (RC)
Councillor G Derbyshire (GD)
Councillor S Hughes (SH)
Councillor J Hardman (JH)
Councillor A Power, (AP)
Mrs J Mason (Clerk)

Declaration of Interest.

Cllr JH – Loachbrook estate and Cllr GD – Loachbrook estate

Public Forum

No one present.

136/20 Apologies

Cllr J Wray Cheshire East Ward Cllr- due to prior commitment.

137/20 Minutes

Resolved the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 5th October 2020 having been circulated be approved and accepted as a true and accurate record.

138/20 Rhead’s Meadows

The weed spraying had been carried out by the appointed contractor.

The shrub boundary and bulbs had been delivered to the Chairman’s house and Ms A Froggatt and Mr C Prest from ‘Equator ‘had marked out the site out that day. The planting schedule would commence over the next two weeks. The specimen trees and larger woodland trees would be delivered the following week. It was decided to postpone the seeding of the site.

The Woodland Trust had met with the Chairman and AF on site and were willing to assist with supplying the whips and assisting with the planting at a reduced rate.

Resolved this planting would be approved upon receipt as it was highly subsidised.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust had agreed to plant the orchard but due to supplies and staffing commitments it would not take place until January 2021.

It was agreed this was acceptable.

The gates had finally been delivered by Centrewire and three quotes had been gained for fitting and subsequently the repair of the fence. It had been noted by all companies the gates posts were not satisfactory and need replacing. The quote had also included the hard standing for the benches and the entrance stone.  The quotes were as follows.

  1. £3,900.00 + VAT – Quote A
  2. £3,151.55 + VAT – Quote B
  • £1,886.00 + VAT – Quote C

Resolved J Ashbrook’s Ltd would be appointed to carry out the works.

The Chairman made the members aware that a resident from Blackfirs Lane wished to donate £1,000 to the PC to improve his and neighbour’s property boundary privacy. The Chairman had suggested a holly hedge and explained the prices.

139/20 Loachbrook – ‘Bovis’ Estate

Cllr JH and Cllr GD had attended a site visit with Ms J Morrison the NW Managing Director from Bovis/Vistry on Wednesday 11th November. There had been commitments made to

improve the grassed footpaths in the community park, repair the fencing, install the kissing gates, complete the bridleway, and complete the modifications in relation to the requests of bollard locations. The footpath on A54 was also due to be completed after the agreement with BT and CE Highways. The new tree planting and weed killing had been given to the landscapers as an instruction. The play area drainage would be resolved. The for-sale signs would be removed from the front of the site.

The most disappointing issue was that it seemed UU would not accept the sewage pipes as agreed previously with Matthews & Leigh the contractor. JH thought this would take in the region of two / three years to resolve.

Resolved a letter would be sent to Fiona Bruce MP by Cllr JH.

It was agreed that the next meeting on Monday 23rd November the fencing and footpaths on the community park would be challenged and the delay on the commitments being made with no actions was becoming excessive.

140/20 Blackfirs Nature Reserve

Bowcock and Pursaill had asked if further land searches would be undertaken.

Resolved the PC felt there was no necessity to conduct further searches.

There was a concern from the Clerk that the tree works had not been completed to a satisfactory standard by CWT and Cllr RC commented further works need to be carried out before handover after he had walked the site.

One further quote had been gained for the pond works and another one was in progress.

141/20 Highways

Roundabouts on the Congleton Link Road

Cllr GD had drafted a design for the plants to be used on the two roundabouts. All members agreed it was a particularly good start. Cllr GD agreed she would gain some more advice on the plant types and colours and it would then be submitted to CTC.

Speed limit on Blackfirs Lane/Chelford Road

The Clerk had contacted Mr P Griffiths and he had indicated the speed on Blackfirs Lane & Chelford Road would be reduced to 40mph. A TRO would be circulated before Christmas. There followed a debate on where the reduction on Chelford Road might start and finish. It was also noted that the plan was to make the junction of the two roads into a “T” junction.

Resolved the Clerk would enquire if PG would meet the Parish Council on site before the TRO was circulated in the press.

Damaged Manhole Cover on Chelford Road

Still outstanding.

Blocked gulley on Radnor Bank

The Clerk had enquired on the progress and it was scheduled for a road closure to carry out the works.

Lyndale blocked gully 3403824 no actions.

Damaged road sign on Chelford Road

This had been knocked down by a large HGV. Luckily there had been a witness and they had managed to take a photograph on their phone. This had now been escalated to CE Highways to

endeavour to make an insurance claim.

142/20 External Audit 2019/20

The Clerk reported on the external audit report from PKF Littlejohn LLP to the Parish Council.

Resolved the report was accepted by full Council.

The Conclusion of Audit had been displayed in accordance with the regulations.

143/20 Precept 2021/22

The budget to date had been circulated to members and the Clerk explained the precept options and the subsequent figures on a band D property in the Parish.  The Clerk had enquired with the housing developers and it seemed there would be 585 houses occupied in the parish by December 2020. The figure this year was in line with the figures CE were working with for 2021/22. The financial commitments to Rhead’s Meadows were reviewed. The number of houses was higher than last year 2020/21.

Cllr AP proposed £40,000. Cllr RC seconded the proposal.


Resolved the precept would be set at £40,000 for 2021/22.

It was noted this was a reduction to a Band D property from 2020/21.

144/20 Cheshire East  

Environmental Weight Restriction

Grey Stone Wall 7993981

It was noted there was still no update on both items from the Ward Cllr.

145/20 Planning Applications

  • 20/4042C Land off Blackfirs Lane, Somerford – proposed 2 no dwellings with detached garages.

Resolved No Objection with conditions

  • 20/4322C Radnor Hall Farm, Back Lane, Somerford CW12 4RB – outline application for proposed new ancillary 4 bed farmhouse.

Resolved No Objection

  • 20/ 4584C Land at Back Lane Congleton – variation of condition 5 on approved application 18/4888C – reserved matters.

Resolved No Comment.

20/4720C The Rowans, Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford CW12 4SP – construction of detached dwelling with basement together with access drive.

No comment due to insufficient information on the application.

  • 20/4441C 26, Blackfirs Lane, Somerford CW124QQ – construction of one residential dwelling (resubmission of 19/4709C)

Resolved Objection

River Dane Holiday Park

This had been reported to planning enforcement and it had been confirmed there were no breaches.

146/20 Accounts

To note the balance of the accounts = £49,155.56


  • Direct Debit £5.99 Office 365
  • Online payment – £850.00 Mr N Dale
  • Online payment – £14.39 Zoom
  • Online payment – £2,220.00 Heathwood Nurseries Ltd
  • Online payment – £480.00 PKF Littlejohn LLP
  • Online payment – £475.00 Greentech (bulbs)
  • Online payment – £1,980.00 Harts Nurseries
  • Online payment – £521.91 Woodland bulbs
  • Online payment – £480.00 Centrewire

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.

Resolved the clerk would be given the authority to pay Equator and A P Matthews Ltd


  • £475.00 Greentech

Bank Reconciliation

It was agreed this would be collected by Cllr PC and checked before the next meeting.

147/20 Complaints Policy

Cllr PC had checked this policy

Resolved this policy was adopted by full Council. 

148/20 Grant Policy

Cllr AP had checked this policy.

Resolved this policy was adopted by Full Council.

149/20 Disciplinary and Grievance Policies

Cllr PC had checked both policies.

Resolved this policy was adopted by full Council.

150/20 Health & Safety Policy

Cllr RC had checked this policy.

Resolved this policy would be adopted by full Council.

151/20 Equality Policy

Resolved the policy was accepted

151/20 Clerks Report


This would be ready to be published by December.

152/20 Chairman and Members Report

Planning Course

Cllr GB, Cllr SH, and the Clerk had attended.

153/20 It was noted the next meeting was on the 18th January 2021

The meeting concluded business at 10.20 pm


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