Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 5th October 2020

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 5th October 2020 virtually on Zoom.


Councillor G Bell (Chairman), (GB)
Councillor P Crompton (Vice Chairman) (PC)
Councillor S Hughes arrived at 8.30pm
Councillor J Hardman (JH)
Councillor A Power, (AP)

Mrs J Mason (Clerk) the Clerk left the meeting from 8pm until 8.15 pm to regain internet connection. 

Declaration of Interest.

Ms J Mason – 20/4271C

Public Forum

One member of the public present.

No comments just wished to listen to the actions of the Parish Council.

120/20 Apologies

Councillor G Derbyshire due to ill health, Councillor A Power due to work commitments and Cllr J Wray Cheshire East Ward Cllr – no reason.

121/20 Minutes

Cllr PC requested the following amendment: 113/20 Highways – Roundabouts on the Congleton Link Road

There had been a meeting with Congleton Town Council of which the Chairman and the Clerk attended as there were three roundabouts on the CLR which were in within the Parish. CTC wanted to enquire whether the Parish Council would like to input to their design and future maintenance. The initial set up cost would be up to £1,000 depending on which planting method was adopted then the future maintenance costs would fall with the Parish Council if they agreed to participate in the scheme.  

CTC received sponsorship monies from local businesses which in most cases covered the costs.

The amendment was accepted.

Resolved the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 14th September 2020 having been circulated be approved and accepted as a true and accurate record.

122/20 Rhead’s Meadows

The plants had now been ordered from the proposed companies who had quoted for the plants/trees/shrubs. There had been three quotes circulated within the FCC Communities bid to plant the site.  The Chairman, Cllr RC and the Clerk had also met with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust to discuss their tender to plant the orchard and supply the trees (the tender had been circulated to members). They would also explain to volunteers how to prune the trees in the future.

It was noted one of the tenderers had been unreliable to date and missed deadlines.

Resolved the Parish Council would appoint ‘Equator’ to plant the site (with the exception of the orchard) including the seeding of the mound and the Woodland Trust planting.

Resolved the Parish Council would appoint CWT to plant the orchard and this would be taken from the Inclosure Trust donation.

Resolved the Parish Council would accept the extra cost to place metal covers around the orchard trees.

123/20 Facebook Page

Cllr JH had set up the Somerford Parish Council Facebook page and circulated to members; it was noted this had not gone’ live’ yet.  The photographs had been lifted from the website. Cllr JH gave a detailed background on how the page worked and the input required plus the security measures in place.

Resolved It was agreed the page would go live this week with precautions to be taken to ensure consistency.

124/20 Blackfirs Nature Reserve

There had been a site meeting on 16th September with Mr J Pimblett, the Chairman, Cllr RC, Cllr GD, and the Clerk where Mr J Baggaley, CE S106 manager had agreed that monies would be released to complete improvement works on the ponds. Mr JB had requested that three tenders would be required before the monies would be released.

The Clerk had met with the first company on Friday 2nd October on site and he had been doubtful the pond work would be successful.

It was agreed contact would be made with Mr J Pimblett to enquire of his opinion before further steps were taken.

The draft agreement from Bowcock and Pursaill had been circulated with the Land Registry documents.

Resolved these documents were accepted by full Council.

Cllr RC had walked the site with the checklist, and it seemed most agreed points had been carried out by the CWT.

125/20 Loachbrook – ‘Bovis’ Estate

There had been virtual meeting with the North West Director and the Customer Care Director of Bovis / Vistry on the 28th September. The meeting had been very productive, they had gone through every line of the task list compiled from the site meeting in July. Cllr JH had written to the Managing Director of the Bovis group on behalf of the RAG which was the reason the meeting had transpired.

The head of planning CE had responded to the letter from Fiona Bruce MP, but it answered no concerns and was sadly a very dismissive letter.

There had been some remedial actions taken on the estate to date and a fortnightly meeting had been arranged until we were satisfied with the results.

The Chairman was disappointed that they had informed the team that there was now no requirement to build a gravel pathway on the Community Park and it would be a grassed one. He felt if CE had allowed this it was unfair on the parish as it allowed excellent connectivity for the parish.

126/20 Highways

Roundabouts on the Congleton Link Road

The members agreed if there was a cost to the PC the roundabouts would not be pursued, they hoped local business would participate in the sponsorship. It was agreed that the Cllrs and the Clerk would make some preliminary enquires to gauge the interest in the community.

Speed limit on Blackfirs Lane

It was agreed that an enquiry would be made to Mr P Griffiths CE Officer to see if the speed reduction on Chelford Road would also include the lowering of the speed on the entire length of Blackfirs Lane.

Grass cutting policy

Resolved it was agreed that there would be an extra cut introduced. The next cut would include the centre swathe of grass and then the extra one in November would be the sides as usual.

Damaged Manhole Cover on Chelford Road

This was on a priority list with CE highways.

Blocked gulley on Radnor Bank

Cllr JW had escalated this enquiry.

Well Managed highways winter service

It was agreed Blackfirs Lane would be requested to be added to the list.

Lyndale blocked gully 3403824 no actions.

127/20 Cheshire East  

Environment Weight Restriction

An email had been received from Cllr JW that this had now been placed on the October LAH Group. This was disappointing as the PC had been led to believe it had been discussed before.

Grey Stone Wall 7993981 due to the Ward Cllr being absent that Clerk would email for an update.

127/20 Planning Applications

  • 20/3810C Holly House, 11 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4QD – Outline application for two number dwellings and associated domestic dwelling and associated domestic garages.

Resolved No Objection

The Clerk left the meeting while the following application was discussed:

  • 20/4271C 2 Field View Road, Somerford CW12 4QD – single storey side extension

Resolved No Objection

River Dane Holiday Park

There was reported construction activity on site that seemed as if works were being carried out despite the planning application being refused.

128/20 Accounts

To note the balance of the accounts = £51,677.74


  • Direct Debit £5.99 Office 364 Aug
  • Online payment – £14.39 Zoom October
  • Online payment – £1,657.69 Cranage Parish Council (Clerks salary July to September) including £112.57 HMRC contributions.
  • Online payment – £780.00 Miss A Froggatt (mid stage payment)
  • Online payment – £45.00 Cranage Parish Council (contribution to TCS management pension withdrawal)

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.



  • £40.00 credit note from Somerford Park Farm (no monetary value)

129/20 Publication Scheme

Resolved full Council would accept this policy

130/20 Complaints Policy

It was agreed this would be deferred

131/20 Disciplinary and Grievance Policy

Cllr PC proposed some amendments he would redraft and recirculate before the next meeting.

132/20 Communications and Social Media Policy

The GDPR support officer had made comments which need to be included.

Resolved the suggestions would be included.

133/20 Clerks Report

Training 2020

It was agreed training was required. Cllr PC, Cllr GB, Cllr SH would attend one of the planning seminars organised by CHALC.


It was agreed a newsletter would be sent out in November and the Clerk would organise

134/20 Chairman and Members Report

Annual CHALC meeting

Cllr GD would attend.

Zoom Meetings

The Chairman agreed some members needed to self-isolate and if they attended an arranged meeting on Zoom it was hard to interact, he suggested if better equipment was used to improve the sound maybe a meeting could be arranged in person.

Cllr JH and Cllr RC preferred the meetings on Zoom and the other members were open to consider a new initiative. It was noted two Cllrs were absent.

135/20 It was noted the next meeting was on the 16th November 2020 the process would be confirmed upon the production of the agenda following Government guidelines.

The meeting concluded business at 9.40pm

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