Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 14th September 2020

You are invited to attend the Parish Council meeting on the 14th September 2020 at 7.30 pm at Somerford Park Farm, Holmes Chapel Road in the Pavilion D.   

If the members of the public are present, there will be a period of question time at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.


Declaration of Interest

Members are encouraged to declare pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests as soon as they become aware in the meeting.

Part 1- Public and Press Present:

The Chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow questions from members of the public to last no longer than 15 minutes.  After questions the Chairman will reconvene the Parish Council meeting

  1. Apologies
    • To receive apologies for absence
  2. Minutes
    • To approve the draft minutes from 3rd August 2020   
  3. Budget 2020/21
    The Clerk to update members .
  4. Rhead’s Meadow
    To approve the supplier for the benches and notice boards (circulated)
    To approve the rules for the site (circulated).
    To receive any comments in reference to the planting of the site and to acknowledge the letter sent to all residents on Blackfirs Lane.
    To receive update on the wildflower meadow being planted by CWT.
    To receive an update on meting with Cllr SAS from CTC.
  5. Social Media
    To accept the Communications and Social Media Policy (attached).
    To receive an update from Cllr JH.
  6. Blackfirs Nature Reserve – Cheshire Wildlife Trust
    To confirm site meeting on 16th September to include James Baggaley CE
    To approve the instruction of Bowcock & Pursaill Ltd – quoted figure £400 plus VAT
  7. Loachbrook ‘Bovis’ Estate
    To receive update from Cllr JH and Cllr  GD.
  8. Highways
    Roundabouts on the CLR – the Chairman and the Clerk to report on meeting with CTC on 9th September.
    CLR – update and to include new working arrangements on the piling works on Chelford Road.
    Footpath adjacent to Goodwin’s Pool – The Council to receive the report from local resident on standard of footpath and approve actions.
    Flooding on A54 by Lyndale – 3403824
    Speed of traffic on A54 – resident’s complaint.
    Damaged manhole cover on Chelford Road
  9. Cheshire East
    To receive a report from Cllr J Wray.
    To include
    i) Environment Weight Restriction on Radnor Bank
    ii) Speed limits on Chelford Road and Blackfirs Lane
    iii) Grey Stone Wall ref 7993981
  10. Planning Applications
    To consider the following applications and any other since the publication of the agenda –
    20/3734C The Old Farmhouse, 4 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4QD -proposed first floor extension over existing porch.
    To note water / sewage issues on Blackfirs Park.
  11. Accounts
    BALANCE OF ACCOUNTS = £27,850.11
    £14.39 Zoom
    £5.99 Office
    £25.00 CHALC Cllr JH 25.08.20
    £560.00 Ms S Amies (website maintenance)
    £250.00 Ms S Amies (website upgrade work)
    £5,000.00 Inclosure Trust NB Report to be addressed as condition of donation.
    20,000.00 Precept CE
    To note funding application to CE Covid 19 Community recovery fund for Rheads Meadow – Cllr PC.
    Bank Reconciliation Cllr PC to approved and sign off.
  12. Clerks Report
    Website update
    Training for Councillors
  13. Chairman and Members Report
    To receive an update on CHALC course from Cllr JH.

To note next meeting on 5th October 2020 at Somerford Park Farm