Loachbrook Estate: Notes from meeting on 27th July 2020

Notes from meeting on 27th July 2020 @ 10.00am

Bovis / Vistry and Somerford Parish Council.

Loachbrook estate – on site

Present – Cllr G Bell (Chairman) GB, Cllr G Derbyshire GD, Cllr J Hardman JH and Ms J Mason JM- Clerk and Mr R Bebbington RB (Customer Care Director with Bovis) . 

Apologies – Nil

The site visit had been instigated due to the site not being completed after 6 years. There had been a Residents Action Group set up over twelve months ago and then a petition given to Fiona Bruce MP which had been presented in Parliament.

The estate was walked, and the following points were raised.

  1. Trees missed or dead – RB said a full survey out would be carried out against the planning application and the dead trees replaced and in October the missing ones planted. He thought a new plant nursery would be appointed but there were issues with resourcing trees from abroad due to COVID-19.
  2. Drainage pipes under the road – when ‘Matthews and Leigh’ (contractors) had fitted the sewage pipes UU had agreed they were to standard but on their revisit at the end of 2019 they would not adopt some of the pipes. (the gentleman who had agreed the type had now left UU). The MD from Bovis was now trying to get a solution without having to dig up all the roads to replace the pipes. To do so would not allow access to many houses.  An option was to line the pipes to assist adoption but UU were still considering this option. Where the cost fell between ‘Mathews and Leigh’ and Bovis was also a debate.  This issue was still ongoing.
  3. Management Company – upon completion of the site, SDL Goodwood would be appointed to the role and the Managing Director of Bovis would control the contract. After 12 months this would then be given to the Management Committee appointed on the estate. JH and GD complained about the standard of the maintenance of the site currently. RB said Bovis were not completing the works cheaply, it was a costly contract. RB was in the process of requesting the contract and would check it against the works carried out. It was noted no hedges were cut, grass collected, or grass edges cut. The bins were not emptied on the play area.
    The PC offered to feed back to RB after they had been on site through email (not in person) of the standards of works if it assisted.
    RB said the initial fee of £240 per annum to the residents would increase on hand over, it having been fixed some years ago.
  4. Bins on play area – these were never emptied, and it needed adding to the contractors list.
  5. Damaged curb stones – these would be all corrected before handover.
  6. Fencing around the pond and on the edge of grassed areas– these had been installed to a poor standard. On many joins with the post only one nail had been used. Some were already damaged / twisted. RB took photographs and this would be revisited.
  7. Water retention outside 65 / 50 Field View Road – GD pointed out this was always holding water and a gully was needed. RB said a gully had been covered over by a temporary ramp and he would check. Photos taken.
  8. Footpath along the top of the site – GB pointed out a stoned pathway (Breedon gravel or similar) had not been installed across the top of the community park. Plan used in the planning application were shown. RB was unaware and would ask the technical director for feedback. A kissing gate was also missing but it was agreed this was unnecessary.
  9. The walkway from the Anwyl estate to the bridge. – there was Himalayan balsam present which needed removing. RB agreed to weed kill and reseed.
  10. The tarmac surface from the bridge to the A54– this would be completed by September.
  11. Hole by the entrance to the Anwyl estate covered by plastic fencing – this would be addressed. Photo taken.
  12. Footpath along A54 – this would be completed by September as Bovis were awaiting BT to remove two poles. Two lamp posts also needed addressing.
  13. Bus stops moving on A54 – there were two bus stops on each side of the A54 which needed relocating. GB showed RB the plan and it was agreed this had been missed. One stop was immediately adjacent to the cycleway and the other was outside 150/ 148 HC Road.
  14. Footpath improvement by notice board on junction of Blackfirs Lane – this need replacing and tactile paving to aid crossing the junction for the partially sighted. The footpath also required extended on the Congleton town side of Blackfirs Lane. RB would investigate.
  15. Grass cutting in front of 71 Field View Road this was being left and it was agreed it should be cut short to match the other side of the fence.
  16. Bridleway – still not completed from A534 to Sandy Lane. RB would investigate and report back. The hard standing for the entrance at Sandy Lane had been in place for some time but no gateway.
  17. Heras fencing and foot holders and the compound – there was evidence of remains of fencing around the site and not removed. RB agree to tidy up the compound and get someone to walk the site and remove the old fencing etc. (opposite 92 Field View Road).
  18. Gap in hedge on A534 / Bridleway entrance – RB agreed to replant the hedge row.
  19. Play area – this would not be reopened until government guidelines could be followed. RB would investigate the flooding issue. It was noted ROSPA checked the site.
  20. Hornbeam Walk being used by delivery vans – RB would investigate the possibility of bollards in the centre. He would also arrange it being resurfaced.
  21. Layby by 9 Field View Road / Loachbrook house – this was unusual, and RB would arrange looking at the plans and feedback what it should be as it was redundant space being abused.
  22. Bollards outside 66 Field View Road – JH asked for repositioning. This would be investigated. It was agreed the areas outside was to be maintained by the management company. RB would arrange weed killing.
  23. Zebra crossing and fencing outside 2 LB way – this would be removed.
  24. Benches around the pond. RB would check the plans.

Meeting closed at 12.30pm  

Sandy Lane Community Park Plan

Footpaths & Cycleways Plan

Holmes Chapel Road Improvements Plan

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