Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 15th June 2020

Minutes of the Parish Council held on Monday 15th June 2020 – due to COVID-19 and the Government Social distancing regulations the meeting was virtual @ 7.30 pm.

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Councillor G Bell (Chairman), (GB)

Councillor R Crookes (RC)

Councillor P Crompton Vice Chairman (PC)

Councillor G Derbyshire (GD)

Councillor S Hughes (SH)

Councillor A Power, (AP)

Mrs J Mason (Clerk)


Declaration of Interest.

None declared


Public Forum

Four members of the public present of which three of them were attending as they had applied for the current Parish Councillor vacancy.

The Chairman asked the applicants three questions on behalf of the members. One of the serving Cllrs had contacted each of the candidates for a brief conversation to discuss the role of a Cllr.

One member of the public was a retired Cllr and had joined the meeting to listen to see what was going on in the Parish. He thanked the members for all their hard work and commitment and noted the difference from when he was part of the team to how much more responsibility there was compared to three years ago.


71/20 Apologies

Cllr J Wray due to a meeting in Smallwood.


72//20 Minutes

Resolved the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 4th May 2020 having been circulated be approved and accepted as a true and accurate record.

It was noted these minutes would be signed at a future date.


73/20 Co-option of a Parish Councillor

The Clerk placed the applicants in the ‘waiting room’ on Zoom as it was not possible to carry out an anonymous vote.

Resolved the Ms J Hardman would be co-opted as a Parish Councillor.

The Chairman wished it to be noted the vote had been a challenge due to level of calibre of the applicants.  He hoped the two members who had not been successful would keep in touch and assist the Parish Council in the communication with the new estates in the Parish.


74/20 Rhead’s Meadow

J Ashbrooks Ltd had returned to site and were due to complete on Friday 19th June.. A site visit had been arranged with the Chairman, the Clerk, Ms A Froggatt and the new representative from the RSPB- Ms Jane Birch on Thursday 18th June with Mr A Newton from JA’s. The Chairman asked members to look at the site to see if they have any issues to bring to the attention of JA.

The planting plan needed to be considered before September and the plants ordered. The Chairman suggested a site meeting of the Council was arranged to discuss the type and positioning of the trees/ orchard and shrubs.

The Clerk had had to resubmit figures for the FCC Communities Grant after obtaining further plant quotes. She was now awaiting a response.

Cllr AP discussed the positioning of the time capsule plus needing some more information about Ms L Rhead. He was advised to contact a local resident for more information.

Resolved the time capsule would be positioned under the welcome stone at the entrance.

It was noted that the fencing had now been completed by Stockdale’s and Bellway Homes had agreed to pay for the works. The Clerk had issued an invoice for reimbursement.  Due to Covid 19 the entrance gates still had not been received but were due this month.

The Clerk informed members Cheshire Wildlife Trust had arranged the ploughing of the Wildlife Meadow was due to be completed in July and the seeding completed in August. CE were liaising with them about costings from the S106 monies.

As JA were now leaving site the heras fencing would now be removed which would allow public access. Cllr R Crookes proposed two dog waste bins were now sited on Rhead’s Meadow.

Resolved two dog waste bins would be purchased and placed on site subject to confirmation that emptying could be arranged.

The Chairman requested all members read the proposed rules for the site which had been circulated by the next meeting and they could then be agreed and approved.

It was noted some of the planted hedge had died and needed replacing, this would be reviewed on the site visit. Cllr GB and Cllr RC were thanked for the watering they had carried out over the dry spell of weather.

75/20 Blackfirs Nature Reserve

The Clerk had received an update that the process was still in progress but delayed due to less staff working over lock down. Cllr R Crookes wished it to be noted there were more visitors to the site and extra structures had been built over lock down. This was not an issue at the moment, but it needs to be monitored.

76/20 Loachbrook – ‘Bovis’ Estate

Cllr GD reported no actions had been taken on site and the scheduled meeting on the 1st April had been cancelled due to COVID-19.  A further meeting had been requested and they were awaiting a response from Roger Bebbington – Customer Care Manager. Some works had been carried out on the landscaping, the open space had been levelled, rolled, and seeded.

The residents were awaiting Bovis / Vistry Group to meet with UU to discuss the replacement of the pipes.

Cllr GD had also queried the footpath with PROW across Sandy Lane as she had been asked several times if it was due to be reinstated. It would be accessible again when the CLR opens. She also wished to note that the speed of 50mph on the new section of the CLR on the first spine was too high.

77/20 Dog waste bins across the Parish.

Glasdon had sent out the wrong fittings for the bins which had delayed the installation of the dog waste bins plus the lock down period was delaying all deliveries from construction industries. The Clerk was resolving the issue. There had been a complaint from a resident about the positioning of the bin on Chelford Road – this was noted and agreed to endeavour to resolve.

78/20 Highways

Environmental Weight Restriction

Cllr J Wray had communicated that the ALHG had approved a survey could be carried out to see if the Weight order could be implemented.

Blackfirs Lane / Potholes – 3380679/ 3380682

Blackfirs Lane was currently closed for five days while the lane was repaired, and remedial works were carried out. The persistence of the Parish Council had resulted in these actions being taken before Bellway Homes commence works on the other side of Blackfirs Lane.


The Chairman and the Clerk had attended a Zoom meeting with GRAHAM and Hulme Walfield   PC on 15th June. The notes would be circulated. It was communicated Mr D Cawthra, presently working from home, would be returning to the area from July.

Grey Stone Wall along Radnor Bank ref 7993981

Cllr J Wray had received a confirmation reference number which indicated CE had taken responsibility.

Damaged manhole cover on Chelford Road on the verge.

There still not had been any actions taken but it had been acknowledged it was not UU but was CE responsibility.

Cyclist accident on Radnor Bank

This was noted by members.


79/20 Cheshire East

No report due to Cllr JW being absent


80/20 Planning Applications

No applications


Audit and Local Councils in England 2018/19

81/19 Internal Audit

The internal audit had been circulated to all members. The budget review had been implemented but the documents should be retained, the updated Financial Regulations refer to a purchase order system but it was not in place and a process under and above £500 should be followed and cash reserves are excessive and need addressing.

Resolved the internal audit was accepted by full council.


82/19 Section 1 Annual Governance statement section 2019/20 of the AGAR

Resolved the Council accepted the report and it was noted signed by the Chairman and Clerk /RFO.

Due to a virtual meeting this would be signed at a later date.


83/20 Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2019/20

Resolved the Council accepted the statements and the Chairman sign to confirm approval.

Due to a virtual meeting this would be signed at a later date.


84/20 Public Inspection period (Notice of public rights) from Monday 22nd June to Friday 31st July 2019 inclusive.

Resolved All information will be posted on the website and the noticeboards on the above dates.  


85/20 Accounts

To note the balance of the accounts = £71,406.88


  • Direct Debit £5.99 Office 364
  • Online payment – £14.39 Zoom May
  • Online payment – £14.39 Zoom June
  • Online payment – £30.00 Mr G Roberts (internal auditor)
  • Online Payment – £815.11 Glasdon (bins) 119.29 Carbonite
  • Online Payment – £213.48 CHALC Affiliation Fee
  • Online Payment – £1,260.00 Stockdale Fencing
  • Online Payment – £396.40 Zurich Municipal

 Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.



  • NIL


86/20 Clerks Report

Local Council Award

The Clerk communicated she was struggling with time to revisit the Local Council Gold award. This was discussed and if the Clerk had the time the PC would like her to work overtime to have the Gold reinstated.

Next PC meeting

The next meeting date was discussed, and it was agreed a meeting should be held in July.

87/20 Chairman and Members Report

The Chairman discussed the speed limit on Chelford Road and Blackfirs Lane.

It was also there was a lot of work being completed in the area and now Somerford had access to superfast broadband.


Resolved; “That in accordance with the public bodies (Admission to meetings) Act 1960 as extended by the Local Goverment Act 1972 section 100 the press and public be excluded from the meeting for discussion of the under mentioned item on the grounds that the publication of the matter would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted”

88/20 Clerks Salary

The Clerks salary was discussed and reviewed by members following an explanation of applicable pay scales and hourly rates by the Chairman.

Resolved the Clerks salary would be SCP 21 from April 2020. 

89/20 It was noted the next meeting was on the 20th July 2020 at 7.30 pm.

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