Radnor Bridge Bank Erosion

Some of you may have noticed that traffic lights were installed on Radnor Bridge last week thus imposing a one-way system over the bridge but with no obvious sign of works being carried out.

You may be aware that the PC have for some years urging the Environment Agency (EA), who are responsible for the river, the land-owner, who is responsible for the banks, and Cheshire East Highways (CEH), who are responsible or the bridge, to take some action before the bank erosion on the HW & SB side, up-river, deteriorates to the extent that the  bridge itself is threatened.

Last autumn I was informed that Ringway Jacobs, who are the road-maintenance contractors to CE Highways, had also expressed their concern to CEH. 

I have now been informed of the following:

Regarding Radnor Bridge, we have been monitoring and looking at what needs to be done. The river is under the responsibility of the EA and there is a level of responsibility on the landowner so we are working with all parties.
Unfortunately during an assessment last week another large section of the bank was washed away, this caused concerns over the bridge and approach road, hence the need for the temporary traffic lights. This latest level of erosion resulted in the telegraph pole falling into the river with the lines. This is being addressed by the telecoms and in parallel we have divers in checking the integrity of the bridge, and also working with our contractors and the EA to remove the debris in the river. We are looking to source boulders or scour bags to put in the river by the bank to try and prevent or at least reduce any further erosion in advance of a major scheme to be developed and funded.

I'll let you know more when I do.

Let's hope that the river is held back at least until the Congleton Link Road is open and providing an alternative route across the river.

Geoff Bell