Meeting: RSPB 23rd January 2020


Date – 23rd January 2020 @ 10.00 – 12.15 pm  @ 25 Chelford Road, Somerford

Present – Cllr G Bell (GB), Mrs H Brough (HB), Ms A Froggatt (AF), Julie Mason Clerk (JM).

Apologies – Cllr P Crompton,   Mr C Pringle RSPB (CP)

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Agenda item

To action
Transfer of the land to the PC from RSPB. The transfer of the site was now completed, and the land was finally in the ownership of the PC.

The documents had been received electronically the PC were just awaiting the land transfer deeds.

It was noted the £75,000 had also been transferred to the PC .






Tenders for works There was a PC meeting scheduled for 27th Jan to appoint the contractor.

The agenda had been circulated and the tenders to date.

Hopefully the contractor would be appointed by the end of the month and works would commence in Feb/March depending on the weather.

GB had found a water trough on site and it was agreed HB would check if there was running water available.

Bellway were unable to support the PC at this stage as it seemed their detailed application was due to turned down by CE planning.

GRAHAM were completing the fencing as a gesture of goodwill to the PC along the track/ PROW.

The two remaining tenders for the pathways and excavation of the site were discussed in detail from;

  • James Ashbrook Ltd
  • Equator

The tenders for the planting were reviewed again and it was agreed AF would go back to Jacques and ask them to requote for the planting of the site support with this cost.

The wildlife flower meadow was discussed and that it would be preferable to commence the groundworks this year in order to prepare the soil.

AF would circulate an email conversation she had engaged in with the specialist.

















Funding  There had been funds received from William Deans Trust of £2,000.00 and further submissions had been made to FCC Communities and the Inclosure Trust.

GB was inquiring with Plant Life and AF was applying to Woodland Trust. The number of trees was discussed in relation to the site and suitable positions.

HB requested the Clerk made a meeting with a member from the William Dean Trust to discuss the trees and the orchard.

It was agreed the team should also engage with Congleton Sustainability Group.






Information to the press It was agreed the Clerk would organise an article to be placed in the Congleton Chronicle to update the public on progress.

The team referred to the public comments from the public consultation




Next meeting dates   TBC Venue 25 Chelford Road
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