Congleton Link Road: Meeting Notes 23rd January 2020

Notes from meeting on 23RD January 2020

Congleton Link Road – GRAHAM

25 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4RA @ 9.00 am  

Present – Cllr G Bell (representing Somerford), Cllr P Amies (representing Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths), Mrs J Mason- Clerk and Mr Dan Cawthra Stakeholder & Communications Officer for GRAHAM. 

Apologies – Nil

The previous notes had been circulated and there were no actions to be taken.

Somerford Parish

Sandy Lane– it was noted the re-opening had been delayed due to weather conditions, the date should have been February 2020.  It would hopefully be open to pedestrians/cyclists/walkers/horse riders in April 2020. They were trying hard to get the top section of the CLR open to alleviate pressure on Box Lane. The road was scheduled to be open between the two roundabouts on the A534 and A54 with temporary traffic lights.  The drainage was essentially to allow this to happen. DC would check if the boundary sign was still in situ. He would also chase up the missing post box which had been removed for over 12 months.


Chelford Road– there had been evidence of vandalism on the road with some youths removing road cones and lighting then throwing them on people’s gardens. The CCTV picked up the outline of figures but youths, but the details was not enough to take it further.  DC had a crime reference number available for the Parish Councils. The potholes were being addressed. There had been complaints in relation to the flood lights dazzling pedestrians and cars- these had now been addressed.


Giantswood Lane – DC informed the team that Giantswood Lane would be closing for 6 weeks from 21st February. GRAHAM knew this would cause disruption, but it would give them chance to remove the temporary carriageway and move the services (internet) etc.  This would then allow them to open this section of the CLR and stop the inconvenience of the three-way temporary traffic lights on the lane. There would be leaflets delivered to all households and he had communication emails due to be delivered. It should be only 6 weeks depending on the weather.

PA asked for a pothole to be filled on the temporary carriageway. There was a ‘time lapse’ video on the GRAHAM website to allow the public to see how they were progressing.


Road sweeper – Dc had instructed the sweeper to action the debris on the pavement on Chelford Road. He believed a lot was being generated by DWH site due to earth movement.

Earth movement from GRAHAM had been suspended until March.


Rhead’s Meadow

SPC had now finally taken ownership of the RSPB land. Cllr GB and the Clerk had met with Dan Cawthra and Alistair Townson from GRAHAM in January and they had kindly agreed to put in fencing along the boundary of the land which met with the track.

It would be sheep wire fencing. It was agreed this would be completed within the next three/ four weeks.


There had been a newsletter circulated by GRAHSM and DC asked for it to be communicated on the websites .


Meeting closed at 10.00 am  

Next meeting date 19th March 2020 @ 9.00am

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