Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 3rd February 2020

You are invited to attend the Parish Council on the 3rd February 2020 at 7.30 pm  at Somerford Park Farm, Holmes Chapel Road in the Pavilion D.

If the members of the public are present, there will be a period of question time at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.

Declaration of Interest  
Part 1- Public and Press Present:  
1.     Apologies
  • To receive apologies for absence
2.     Minutes
  • To approve the draft minutes from 27th January 2020.
3.     Business Plan 2020/25
  • To approve the Business Plan circulated as discussed at the 13th January meeting
4.     Annual Parish Meeting
  • To approve the details for the Annual Parish Meeting on 29th April 2020.
  • Newsletter topics and content
5.     Risk Assessment 2018/19
  • To approve the Risk Assessment circulated – clerk to discuss.
6.     Internal Auditor 2018/19
  • To appoint the Internal auditor
7.     RSPB
  • To update members on the progress to date.
  • To discuss the contractors to plant the site
  • To discuss the grant applications.
8.     Black firs Nature Reserve – Cheshire Wildlife Trust
  • To receive an update on progress since the last meeting.
9.     Loachbrook ‘Bovis’ Estate
  • To receive a report from Cllr GD and the Clerk.
  • Cllr J Wary to update members on the meting arranged.
10.  Blackfirs Park – DWH estate
  • To receive an update from Cllr AP
  • To receive an update from the Clerk on the repairs on Blackfirs Lane.
11.  Highways
  • Footpath clearance by the bench on Holmes Chapel Road –to acknowledge residents’ comments.
  • Potholes on Blackfirs Lane – 3380679 and 3380682
  • CLR – to update members on the meeting on 23rd Jan 2020.
  • Grey Stone Wall on Radnor Bank – update from Cllr JW
  • Somerford Parks farm – to discuss the highway proposal from SPF
12.  Dog waste bins across the Parish
  • The Clerk to report on the costings from CTC.
13.  Planning Applications To consider the following applications and any other since the publication of the agenda

·       No applications submitted

Bellway Homes –the PC to support the planning application or make some relative suggestions to improve the detailed planning application.

14/4518C Somerford Park Farm(16/0206D) – the Clerk to update on findings.

14.  Accounts BALANCE OF ACCOUNTS = £95,539.47


·       To approve the first payment to the principal contractor.

·       £150.00 CHALC (training for Cllr PC and the Clerk)

·       Clerks expenses Oct to Dec

·       To approve donations to the Parish.


·       £2.93 Nationwide closing amount.

BANK REC – Cllr PC to approve

15.  Cheshire East To suspend the Standing Orders to receive a report from Cllr J Wray –

  • Environmental weight restriction – update


16.  Clerks Report ·       Internal Audit Course 29.1.19

·       To acknowledge the FOI request made by a resident in the Parish

·       Section 106 monies meeting on 6th February

17.  Chairman and Members Report ·       Training 2020
 To note next Parish Council meeting on 16th March 2020