Blackfirs Wood: Meeting Notes 19th November 2019

Notes from meeting on 19th November 2019

Cheshire Wildlife Trust – Blackfirs Wood 

25 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4QD @ 10.00 am 

Present – Cllr P Crompton, Cllr G Bell, Mrs J Mason- Clerk and Mr Joe Pimblett – Cheshire Wildlife Trust. 

Apologies – Nil 

Mr Martin Varley Director of Conservation had reported back the response from CWT in relation to the option of the Parish Council purchasing the Blackfirs Wood through email. It had been presented to the CWT board of trustees again and they would not reduce the price but would offer to lease the site to the PC for 99 years at a peppercorn rent.  The only proviso they have for this is that they would ask the PC to cover the legal costs of drafting up the lease between both parties.

The PC had gained an informal quote of £2,000 to carry out the legal works.

GB and PC were disappointed with the feedback and again pointed out the poor standard of the site; the boundary fences were still in a very poor state and CWT still had not managed to make DWH accountable for their intrusion, the pond was green and the pathways were not to a satisfactory standard.

JP pointed out the site was safe, and all the trees etc. had been checked this year. He reiterated the CWT would not sell the land.   He also made it clear there would be no monies or time invested in the site in the near future.

There was a discussion on the lease, GB and PC thought it unfair that they were leased a site and they had to pay £2,000 for the privilege as both sides recognized the site was a small headache to the CWT.

It was agreed JP would take the fact that the PC were still interested back to the Trustees but not under the conditions of the payment of both sides of the legal costs by the parish council.

Meeting closed at 11.00 am 

Next meeting TBC  

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