Congleton Link Road: Meeting Notes 26th July 2019

Notes from meeting on 26th July 2019

Congleton Link Road – GRAHAM

25 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4RA @ 9.00 am  

Present – Cllr G Bell (representing Somerford), Cllr P Amies (representing Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths), Mrs J Mason- Clerk and Mr Dan Crawthra Stakeholder & Communications Officer for GRAHAM. 

Apologies – Nil

The previous notes had been circulated and there were no actions to be taken.

Hulme Walfield Parish

DC reported that the footpath/bridleway from the underpass on Manchester Road now made a link as opposed to the 2016 map indicated. Horse riders would be able to access the bridleways on the other side of the CLR. It was noted it was 3m in width. This would also allow access to Moss Lane.

The piling works had  started on Giantswood Lane.

PA wished the footpath closure to be discussed from Giantswood Lane to Smithy Lane to gain a better understanding. She went on to request a kissing gate as opposed to a stile for better access to the elderly.  DC said it was not a well utilised FP.


Somerford Parish

Chelford Road underpass

The diversion roundabout on Chelford Road and Back Lane was discussed. There had been one report of cars racing along the new diversion and then conducting ‘doughnouts’ around the roundabout. DC encouraged registration plates to be taken for the police. GB suggested that if the small roundabout was raised slightly into a dome effect it may encourage the cars to slow down.  One response to this by the contractors/CEBC had  implemented the 10 mph. signage – although it was acknowledged that this alone would have little effect on would-be stunt drivers.

The speed of 10mph was discussed that it was quite low, but DC advised at Traffic Regulation Order had been gained from CE Highways. There was a suggestion that white lines on the access routes to the roundabout would have assisted the traffic especially when travelling from Radnor Bank as some cars had failed to stop. GB also requested better access routes for pedestrians as it was not very clear from on Black firs Lane from Chelford Road. The same applied to Back Lane.

GB wished DC to look at the exit/access route from Blackfirs Lane and check the visibility. He acknowledged it was difficult due to the Christmas trees and the notice boards.


There was a long discussion about the ragwort within the curtilage of the CLR building works and the threat it poses to livestock. DC suggested that Graham were proposing to adopt a “10 metre” clearance area where the presence of the weed on CLR land adjoins other land which is, or might be, used for grazing or production of animal fodder.

GB drew his attention to this guidance on the website – and refer in particular to paragraphs 9 – 16 of the DEFRA Code of Practice.

He wished it noted that paragraph 9 makes it clear that that the responsibility to act lies with the “occupier of the land” and at para. 13 advises that the owner/occupier of land should assess risk. At para. 13 the three risk categories are set out as High, Medium and Low and the distances referred to in those categories are 50 to 100 meters and above.

You will be aware that the parish council has already been involved with this issue in connection with other land in the parish and has experienced a DEFRA inspection firsthand.

Sandy Lane Post Box

Still no action

Meeting closed at 10.10m

Next meeting date 6thy September 2019 @ 9.00am

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