Congleton Link Road: Meeting Notes 21st June 2019

Notes from meeting on 21st June 2019

Congleton Link Road

25 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4RA @ 9.00 am  

Present – Cllr G Bell (representing Somerford), Cllr P Amies (representing Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths), Mrs J Mason- Clerk and Mr Dan Crawthra Stakeholder & Communications Officer for GRAHAM. 

Apologies – Nil

The previous notes had been circulated and there were no actions to be taken.

Hulme Walfield Parish

There was a map of the CLR within HW circulated. PA was concerned about the bridleway which was due to be constructed on the underpass on Manchester Road which seemed to travel to no destination. There was a proposed new housing development in Eaton (with Gladman as the developer)  19/0562M , of which may be able to assist with linking the bridleway back to the Parish. Cllr PA had also tried to contact ‘Tarmac’ as the bridleway could link through their wood land and not end abruptly.

It was agreed that DC would take this back to Mr Paul Griffiths CE and then report back to the Clerk.

Reference to be noted had been approved in 2019 – 19/0562M Land to the west of MACCLESFIELD ROAD, EATON

It was now necessary to influence the reserved matters

The traffic lights on Giantswood Lane were also  causing concerns as the delay on the change to allow access was very slow and traffic was, at times, going through on red. DC stated traffic should travel at 10 mph and they had to allow for cyclists so the delay could not be amended.  It was particularly worse at the weekend.

Somerford Parish

Back Lane was due to be completed at the end of July. The works were being implemented on Chelford Road currently and the diversion would be in place on 9th July.

Sandy Lane Post Box – the Clerk noted this had now been removed since January and there was no sign of it being re sited despite the promise from Royal Mail being 6/7months. DC would make contact and inform the PC.

Box Lane -this was under pressure due to Sandy Lane being closed especially at the start and close of school. Parking was an issue and the lack of presence of teachers on the road. It was noted a pupil had been hit by a car the previous week.

Meeting closed at 10.00am

Next meeting date 26th July 2019. @ 9.00am

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