Congleton Link Road: Meeting Notes 10th May 2019

25 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4RA @ 9.00 am  

Present – Cllr G Bell (representing Somerford),
Cllr M Wakerly (representing Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths),
Mrs J Mason- Clerk and
Mr Dan Crawthra Stakeholder & Communications Officer for GRAHAM. 

Apologies – Nil

The previous notes had been circulated and there were no actions to be taken.

DC wished it to be noted that their offices had now moved to Viking Way in Congleton.

Hulme Walfield Parish

MW wished thought the recent bypass along Giantswood Lane was working fine and there had been no complaints from the residents.

JM had received a complaint about the construction traffic parking on G/Wood Lane and causing disruption. The resident has asked for DC contact details and was going to send some photographs. Somebody had also complained about cracks in their roadside wall, it was debated that this could be from other construction traffic and not GRAHAM.

There had been communication with Mount Pleasant Farm as DC was concerned that there was no excess traffic waiting outside this property. All seemed fine to date.

There were still collecting the newts – 52 had been caught the previous night. This should soon end, and the black plastic fencing removed. The white buckets were checked every morning and the newts collected and moved to a different site.

Somerford Parish

Sandy Lane was due to close week commencing 28th May and should hopefully last only 9 months if the works went to plan. GRAHAM had done some very good work with Black firs Primary school, but Congleton High School were refusing to engage despite several attempts. The car parking would be an issue initially at school pick up times. They had conducted some workshops to reinforce road safety for children.

The PROW would reopen and be walkable just the same as it is now after the opening of the CLR. Ref Brereton FP21. The Cheshire Railings were discussed and there had been an approach from a church to utilise, but it was noted they were in very poor condition.

Back Lane – the signage now was working, and the concerns alleviated.

Chelford Road – the diversion was discussed and the proposed route, GB aired some concerns that the diversion would not go across the corner of the triangle. DC said he wild look into it and check the detail of the map. There were obvious concerns about the notice board, Christmas trees and bench. The plan is to close a section of the road and construct a temporary road around the closed section .This was originally to be single carriageway with flow controlled by traffic lights. They are now considering the possibility of making it two way with no lights – probably with a speed restriction.


DC circulated a newsletter from GRAHAM and it was agreed this would be placed on the websites.

Meeting closed at 10.00am


Next meeting date 21st June 2019. @ 9.00am


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