DWH: Notes from Meeting 2nd May 2019

Black Firs Park – DWH and Somerford Reach, Black Firs Park – Barratt

Planning application 16/5156C Land off Blackfirs Lane and Chelford Road – 170 houses plus associated works  

Venue – 25 Chelford Road, Somerford  @ 9.00 am

Present – Mr Andrew Taylor Planning Director of David Wilson Homes; North West, Cllr G Bell, Cllr R Crookes and Mrs J Mason Clerk.

The meeting was office based and no site visit took place.

Building progress

AT would circulate as not confirmed but it seemed nearly 40 were occupied on the BFP side. Their initial prediction was 30 builds a year but this would now increase as SR had commenced to possibly 50/60 a year. This was not including the affordable homes. The sites were all under the same umbrella of DWH. Some houses were to be timber framed to assist the speed of the build. It was noted there were different working times on a Saturday for both sites. SR (9am until 1pm) and BFP (8 am until 1pm).

There were two new site managers as Dick Bradley had left. AT would circulate new details to the Clerk.

Construction Traffic access

This would soon cease on Black firs Lane and the building traffic would alternatively enter the site on Chelford Road, this would obviously lead to relief of the damage to the grass verges on BFL.

GB asked if the speed on Chelford Road would now be reduced to 40mph. AT would investigate this and feedback to the PC – he was sure it was a S106 condition of the second application. RC enquired about the speed reduction on Blackfirs Lane, no conclusion was reached but it was to be challenged. The block paving had been addressed.

Play Area on site

It was noted this had now been completed but there was no access. AT would enquire. It was noted this was accessible to all members of the public.

Management Company for the site

The Parish Council would like a copy of the agreement and the details of the company taking it over. It had been agreed the PC would continue to maintain the verges, the trees and the hedge line on the road side around the site. AT would forward the details. GB enquired about the two houses to the edge of the site by the notice board and the open space in front of them.

RC asked if the gaps in the hedge could be addressed as it was part of the conditions. There were also grass cuttings on the side of the fencing and it was requested they were removed. AT would investigate the hedge gaps.

GB asked if there could be a litter collection around the curtilage of the site including the plastic in the trees.

Footpath along Black firs Lane

The PC were receiving requests for the implementation of a footpath as had been recommended in the original planning application. Residents were concerned about a safe route to school for children.  AT stated it had been dismissed as a condition of the planning application by highways even though the planning officer had recommended a FP in initially.  This was none negotiable.

RC stated a speed reduction should be a compromise.

Community funding

The PC had just gained ownership of the RSPB land and enquired if there would be any financial support from DWH. AT agreed up to £1,000.

Black firs Nature Reserve – Cheshire Wildlife Trust

It was questioned if the DWH man hole cover had been placed on site incorrectly as it seemed to be in the curtilage of CWT. The boundary fence had been damaged, and it was asked if it could be replaced.

AT would enquire and feedback

 Verges along Blackfirs Lane

These were still in a poor state of repair. AT said no action would be taken until CE Highways instructed. RC asked if the damaged cones could be replaced.


The Chairman thanked everybody for their attendance


Meeting closed at 10.10am

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