Congleton Link Road: Meeting 3rd April 2019

Notes from meeting on 3rd April 2019

Congleton Link Road   

25 Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4RA @ 9.00 am  

Present – Cllr G Bell, Cllr M Wakerly (representing Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths), Mrs J Mason- Clerk and Mr Dan Cawthra Stakeholder & communications Officer for GRAHAM. 

Apologies – Nil

The previous notes had been circulated and there were no actions to be taken.

The meeting had been organised by GRAHAM to establish a communication link between the Parishes and themselves to assist the areas of which the CLR was affecting.

There was a list of points which had been raised and it was agree they would be addressed individually;

  • There was a query whether the Sandbach Road roundabout has been amended as the large hole had been dug and filled in again. – DC confirmed not it was same as planned just a drainage issue.
  • Sandy Lane – closure was a concern in reference to the disruption. DC acknowledged this and it was one road which could be opened when the works had been completed even though permission had granted longer. He was aware it was a sensitive issue and they would not close it longer than necessary. There was no pedestrian access allowed due to the Health and Safety issues. The school children involved catching the 42 bus had been granted a taxi from the bus stop to their homes. The lane was due to close on the 4th GRAHAM was visiting Congleton High School and Black firs Primary School to promote road safety to the children. they were completing work shop’s/ presentations and giving out leaflets. They would be liaising with the head teachers as they knew Box Lane would be affected the most,  especially at pick up and drop off times.

There was due to be signage to encourage HGVS to avoid Box Lane, but this was not enforceable, and the lorries would still try to take the shortest / SATNAV route.

  • ‘SOMERFORD’ boundary sign – it was questioned why this had been removed from Sandy Lane
  • The post box from Sandy lane still had not been re sited even after the Clerk had tried to communicate with the Royal Mail. DC offered to support this communication.
  • Litter was an issue especially along Sandy Lane – this was noted. DC had spoken to the contractors in reference litter.
  • There had been four oak trees removed along Sandy lane and one had been 200 years old. GRAHAM had been prepared to pay for this to be re sited at a cost but they had been advised the tree would have almost definitely died. There were many trees being planted throughout this project and hedgerows replaced elsewhere.
  • The newt fencing was only around sites where there had been evidence of newts. There was no evidence on Sandy Lane. They were putting logs in areas and covering them with soil to encourage wildlife.
  • Giantswood Lane – this was due to be closed on 12th April as the diversion route had almost been completed. The underpass will then commence. There will be a 10mph limit in place.
  • Annual Parish Meeting in HW & SB on 4th April – details were discussed
  • Back Lane – the signage was still not achieving the desired result of the diversion. HGV’s were still travelling along Chelford Road, getting stuck and then having to reverse up Radnor Bank and turn in Radnor Bank Farm’s driveway. DC was aware due to several complaints and there was a decision to try and change the signage again. It was noted this traffic was also damaging the verges along Blackfirs Lane.
  • The bridleway path was discussed on the underpass in Hulme Walfield – DC said it was a bridleway, but it just led to the Tarmac land and there was no bridleway to connect to if travelled.
  • The footpath was queried by Congleton lodge and the Loachbrook bridge-GB explained the map and it was on the planning application.
  • Cycleway route on the CLR – the cycleway was along the new road but finished when it reached Chelford Road and joined the existing cycle route already in place.
  • There were 4/5 balancing pools which would accommodate the water pumped out when completing the underpass on Sandbach road and the landowners were aware.

Meeting closed at 10.30 am

Next meeting Friday 10th May @ 10.00am   

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