Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 18th March 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 18th March 2019 in the Pavilion ‘C’ at Somerford Park Farm @ 7.30 pm.


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Councillor G Bell (Chairman),

Councillor R Crookes

Councillor P Crompton (Vice Chairman),

Councillor T Swain,

Councillor K Wainwright,

Mrs J Mason (Clerk)

Councillor J Wray (Cheshire East Representative) arrived at 7.45pm  


Declaration of Interest;

Cllr K Wainwright – RSPB land and Blackfirs Lane development by DWH

Cllr G Bell – APP/R0660/D/19/3223861


Public Forum

One member of the public from Blackfirs Lane who wished to raise her concerns about the speed of traffic on Blackfirs Lane, the lack of courtesy on the part of construction traffic and the poor state of the verges again. She was dismayed about the state of the lane and after reading the newsletter would welcome a footpath which seemed to have been approved in the planning conditions of the DWH planning application.   She sought the support of the members.


32/19 Apologies 

Cllr S Hughes due to work commitments.


33/19 Minutes

Resolved the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 18th February 2019 having been circulated be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


34/19 Annual Parish Meeting

The agenda was discussed and approved with members. Cllr G Bell agreed to supply a white screen and Cllr R Crookes would supply a laptop to aid the presentation.

Ms A Froggatt had requested a fee of £98.00.

Resolved the Parish Council would agree the payment.

Resolved the Parish Council would approve a banner to advertise the meeting.


The newsletter had been delivered this week. It had become evident that only 350 houses were on the electoral register which seemed not a realistic reflection of the number of houses currently in the parish. It was estimated there was nearly 500 occupied.

Resolved the newsletter would be posted as opposed to hand delivered in the future.


35/19 Congleton Link Road

The Chairman and the Clerk had met Mr Dan Cawthra – Communications Officer from GRAHAM on the 28th February (notes circulated). There was another meeting arranged for the 29th March and if members had any outstanding issues, they should make the Clerk aware so she could plan the agenda.

Cllr R Crookes had concerns about the PROW being closed when leaving the woodland on the edge of the playing fields on Back Lane. As you crossed the lane you could no longer access the other side of the PROW and he felt the construction works were not close to this access and could be closed further down. The Parish was having many PROWS closed and this one could have not been closed completely.

Cllr P Crompton had concerns about the contractors accessing the construction work over private land.


36/19 Highways

Speed Limits along A54

A resident had contacted the Clerk to ask for support with the speed of the traffic along the new designated 40mph area along the A54. She felt that motorists were not adhering to the new limit. The Clerk had advised she attended the PCSO surgery; Cllr KW had represented the Parish Council where it had been agreed that the police would complete a traffic survey. There was also the option of the Parish Council purchasing an SDU gun and a volunteer resident speed watch group being set up.

The PCSO had requested that the Parish Council send her the data from the SDU within the other 40mph area of the A54 in the Parish.

Footpath along Blackfirs Lane

A resident had requested the PC investigate the conditions of the planning application for the DWH houses. The Clerk had received confirmation from the planning officer that there was a provision of a footpath – “Black Firs Lane does not have a footway either side of the road and Chelford Road has only a single footway on the western side only. The applicant proposes footways of up to two metres wide on the eastern edge of Black Firs Lane and will connect with the footpath near Longdown Road. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to connect to the new footway on Black Firs Lane, at the location of the proposed emergency site access, from the network of streets and footpaths within the development. It is recommended that this is secured through a S278 agreement.” Under the following section on conditions/106 Contributions: “. A scheme to be approved by the Local Highway Authority for the provision of footway facilities along Black Firs Lane secured via a S278 agreement.”

A Section 278 agreement is secured under the Highways Acts.

The Chairman asked Cllr J Wray if he could find out if there was a condition within the application to put a footpath along the lane.

Street Signs outside Blackfirs Park

The signs had now been addressed and moved back from the verge. The edge of the road was still outside the curtilage of the site.

Memorial bench siting

This would be accepted at this time until there was an issue.

Cheshire Railings repair and painting – Radnor Bank

The quote was excessive from Newbrook Engineers Ltd.

Resolved another quote would be obtained.

Environmental Weight Restriction

Cllr J Wray had organised this to be placed on the Area Highways agenda on Friday 22nd March. He would report back as soon as he knew the findings.

37/19 New Home Bonus Scheme

The Chairman updated the Parish Council on progress to date.

Resolved the Parish Council would contact the Cheshire Community Foundation as they had been a recommendation if the applicant was unsuccessful, as they will offer support.


38/18 Blackfirs Nature Reserve

There had been a meeting with Mr Joe Plimblett from Cheshire Wildlife Trust to discuss the probability of Somerford Parish Council taking over the Blackfirs Nature Reserve. Cllr RC, Cllr PC and the Clerk had attended. Their (CWT) intention was to lease the site over 15 years and ensure the tree works were accommodated from themselves. The site recently had tree works carried out and improvements to the footpath, but the boundary fence still had not been addressed. DWH had also put a large man hole cover within the CWT curtilage, this was an issue they were due to address and hopefully come to some arrangement with the boundary fence.

39/18 Planning Applications

  • 19/0851C Land opposite Back Lane, Chelford Road, Somerford- Certificate of appropriate alternative development.

Resolved No Comment

  • 19/0774C 21, Chelford Road, Somerford CW12 4QD – Variation of conditions 2,3,4,6,8,10,11,15,16 &17 on approval 15/4244C – demolition of existing house and construction of a new residential development.

Resolved No Comment

  • To note the appeal; APP/R0660/D/19/3223861 – 18/5278C 7 The Stables Somerford Hall, Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford CW12 4SL – rear single-story extension.

The appeal was noted but no further action would be taken as the Parish Council had submitted No Objection Cllr PC chaired this item

  • 16/0206D / 14/4518C Somerford Park Farm

The Clerk had contacted the planning officer and it seemed that planting should have been undertaken as a condition.

Resolved the Parish Council would write to the land owner.

Loachbrook Estate

There had been several concerns in relation to the estate, the house building was complete but the infrastructure still outstanding. There had also been complaints from ‘Anwyl’ residents and after investigation it seems that this was also under the conditions of the ‘Bovis’ developer.

Resolved the Clerk would contact the planning officer for a meeting.


40/19 GDPR

The Clerk had arranged for an interim service on the Parish Council computer and the other Parish Councils had agreed to contribute to the cost.

The retention form document had been finalised.


41/19 Accounts

To note the balance of the accounts = £8,728.01


  • Cheque no 234 – £35.00 CHALC (COC Course – Cllr PC)
  • Direct Debit £5.99 Office 364
  • Direct Debit £54.89 ‘Mozy’ Back up on Computer



  • £200.00 CPC


42/19 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor.

Cllr JW updated members on the planning conditions of the DWH site and would review the S178 with the officer. He would also report back to the issues from the resident on the ‘Anwyl’ estate. He also was made aware how disappointed the PC were about the process of the allocations of funds under the Home Bonus Scheme.


43/19 Elections Briefing

The Clerk updated members on the completion of the nomination pack. She was attending the Elections Office on 22nd March if Cllrs wished her to return their form.


44/19 Clerks Report

Black book

The details were explained, and the Council decided to decline.


The Clerk updated members on the recent communication and the Chairman requested a meeting was arranged.

Welcome Packs

It was agreed this would be deferred until when the boundary review commenced.


45/19 Chairman’s and Members Report

Police Surgery at Hoofers café SPF on 18.3.18

Cllr K Wainwright reported on the meeting.

Town & Parish Conference 07.03.19

Cllr G Bell and Cllr P Crompton reported back on the meeting. PC had made his disappointment clear in the manner the Home Bonus scheme had been managed by CE.



46/19 It was noted the next meeting was the Annual Parish Meeting and would be on 29th April 2019 at 7.30 pm at the Pavilion in Somerford Park Farm.

The meeting concluded business at 10.00 pm

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