Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 21st January 2019

You are invited to attend the meeting of the Parish Council on the 21st January 2019 at

7.30 pm at Somerford Park Farm, Holmes Chapel Road in the Pavilion C

If the members of the public are present, there will be a period of question time at the beginning and at the end of the meeting.

Presentation from Mr P Griffiths on the Congleton Link Road

Questions and Answer Session


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Declaration of Interest  
Part 1- Public and Press Present:  
1.     Apologies  
2.     Minutes
  • To approve from 26th November 2018.
3.     Standing Orders
  • To adopt circulated Standing Orders
4.     Cheshire Wildlife Trust ·      To discuss the meeting on 15th January 2019 with Joe Pimblett Area East Manager

·      To consider the email to adopt the site

5.     RSPB Land
  • To acknowledge the resignation of Ben Costello and replacement Jane Birch.
  • To update on sale of the land and plan for the next six months.
6.     New Community Home Bonus Scheme
  • Cllr G Bell to update members on progress to date
7.     Planning Applications To consider the following applications and any other since the publication of the agenda

·      18/5875C Somerford Park Farm, Holmes Chapel Road Somerford CW12 4SW – construction of new vehicle park

·      18/6073C Billbery Cottage – to note comments

To note comments from a local resident in reference to 18/5875C Somerford Parks Farm

To note a comment from a resident in reference to 18/4449C – DWH

8.     GDPR ·      To discuss the meeting on 03.12.148 – Cllr T Swain and the Clerk

·      To note the FOI in December

·      To confirm computer backup with Blue Spot

·      To adopt Security Policy

9.     Accounts BALANCE OF ACCOUNTS = £11,779.53


·      £54.00 Blue Spot Computers

·      £294.00 Alex Froggatt

·      £195.00 Alex Froggatt

·      £1,476.18 (£111.16 HMRC) Cranage Parish Council

·      £295.37 Congleton Town Council (memorial bench)

·      Clerks expenses


·      Nil

10.  Adult and Child Safe Guarding Policies ·      Full Council to adopt circulated policies
11.  Highways ·      To acknowledge comments from the last meeting in reference to verge markers along Chelford Road

·      Radnor Bridge weight limit – Cllr K Wainwright (Environmental Weight Restriction)

·      Tree in River Dane – no actions

·      To note comments from 1, Chelford Road in relation to surface water – Cllr J Wray to respond.

·      To note comments from Mr M Heywood – Chelford Road; pothole 3347202

·      SDU within new 40 mph zone on A54 – update

12.  Cheshire East To suspend the Standing Orders to receive a report from Cllr J Wray
13.  Clerks Report ·      Annual Parish Meeting – to confirm speaker and arrangements.

·      Training 2019

·      Councillor vacancy

·      To note the option of bringing fibre broadband to Chelford Road – residents’ circulation

14.  Chairman and Members Report ·      Town and Parish Conference – 29th January 2019 @ 6pm

·      PCSO meeting 21.1.19

·      A Frame -proposal

To note next meeting 18th February 2019