Residents on Chelford Road are currently seeking to persuade Openreach to bring ‘Fibre Broadband’ to properties on Chelford Road, which will provide residents with a much greater choice of broadband services and also the option to have much faster internet connections.

Please could any Chelford Road residents who are interested in having a Fibre connection send an email to Bobby Bell (who is co-ordinating the application) at –

by 10th January with their HOUSE NUMBER and LANDLINE NUMBER so that they can be included on the ‘Community Fibre Partnership’ application, which is due to be submitted on 11th January.

There is no obligation at this stage, the application enables Openreach to work out whether it will likely be economically viable for them to bring Fibre to Chelford Road.  They can also work out whether there would be any installation cost and if so how much it would be.  The residents can then decide whether to apply for a grant to cover that cost or seek to raise funds by alternative means.

It is understood that the new houses on Black Firs Park have already got a Fibre connection and so the cost to extend the connection across the verge to Chelford Road may work out to be minimal but Openreach won’t likely extend the Fibre connection unless we can demonstrate that there is a demand for it on Chelford Road.

Note: most residents on Chelford Road already have Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), but this is not ‘proper’ fibre.  What we are trying to secure is Fibre To The Property (FTTP), which is a far superior connection.

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