DWH: Meeting 12th July 2018

Notes from meeting on 12th July 2018

Blackfirs Park in Somerford

Planning application 16/5156C Land off Blackfirs Lane and Chelford Road – 170 houses plus associated works

25 Chelford Road , Somerford Site Visit @ 1.30pm

Present – Mr Andrew Taylor Planning Director of David Wilson Homes ; North West, Cllr G Bell, Cllr S Hughes and Mrs J Mason Clerk.

The meeting was office based and no site visit took place.

GB opened the meeting and indicated he had complied a list of issues from the residents over the past few weeks and to see if an amicable solution could be reached. He thanked AT for attending.

AT wished the Parish Council to be aware that there had been conversations with the Planning Department at CE to increase the density of houses on the east of the site and to add an extra access on to Chelford Road. The planning application which had been submitted adjacent to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust land was discussed and DWH felt they were too dense and three storeys so maybe would not be looked on favourably within CE.

Points which were raised;

  • the verges were quite sacred in the Parish and the street lights / road markers had caused some complaints to the Parish Council. GB thought the low-level density lighting which was included in the planning conditions was not as per specification and the lights should be lower as the bats survey indicated. AT disagreed and said they were to highways specification.

Both wished to follow up the meaning of ‘low density’.

AT said he would move the sign posts within the curtilage of the site and off the verge.

  • The block paving still had not been taken back and was over the verge. AT assured when the electricity post was moved he would resolve the block paving.
  • It was agreed the Parish Council would consider taking over the cutting of the hedges as it seemed if not there would be inconsistences.
  • the triangle where Blackfirs Lane / A534 Holmes Chapel Road junction had been demolished due to the utility companies digging it up over the past six months. It needed some improving and rhododendrons/shrubs were suggested as it was very shady, and grass struggled to grow. AT agreed to assist in sponsoring this improvement plan. A layout would be drawn up for consideration.
  • The dust due to the hot weather was discussed. The dampening down of the site could not be increased as it was at its maximum and the roads had now been tarmacked.
  • Grass Road Verges – this would be revisited by DWH. GB agreed that the weather conditions had exacerbated the seeds initial germination. AT wished it to be noted that Highways CE were happy with the works completed.
  • It was agreed by all parties the street furniture would now be removed from Blackfirs Lane and Chelford Road.
  • Cllr S Hughes commented on poor brickworks on some of the houses within the site.
  • AT could not confirm if the utilities had been taken to the other approved development site on Blackfirs Lane.


The Chairman thanked everybody for their attendance


Meeting closed at 2.45 pm





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