Poor standard of recent surface dressing on Chelford Road

Councillor K Wainwright met with Mr M Haywood and Mr R Cooper from Highways Cheshire East

A meeting with Mark Haywood and Richard Cooper last Wednesday afternoon, 9th May.

We travelled the whole length of Chelford Road and Mark did say that they he had to admit that the finish was substandard.  Hopefully the drainage problem on Radnor Bank has been solved but if not I have to report back straight away to Richard Cooper.  The contractors will have to come back this year and refill all the potholes that have reappeared and white lining will have to be re-done if necessary.  This will all be carried out at a cost to the contractors.  The deep holes at the edge of the carriageway on the bend at the bottom of Radnor Bank are to be filled with plainings. The sunken gully outside number 1 Chelford Road is to be levelled.   I did stress that the kerbing along the length of Chelford Road, from Blackfirs Lane junction to Holmes Chapel Road junction, needed lifting as we no longer have a pavement/ road demarcation and it was a Health and Safety issue.  The outcome was it was a cost issue even though we had been waiting patiently for years for actions to be taken.  I did then take them along Blackfirs Lane to inspect the damage to the edges of the roadway, caused by vehicles entering and leaving the DWH site.

Whilst on Radnor Bank two lorries passed us that were well over the weight limit.  Mark advised that any seen should be reported to the traffic police, complete with vehicle registrations if possible and name of company.   He is to send the email and any contact numbers.  They couldn’t believe how busy Radnor Bank was – in fact Richard said that he should have carried out a traffic count whilst there.

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