DWH: Mortar Delivery 2nd April

I’ve discussed the below with a senior member of the Planning Enforcement team and confirmed that the Construction Management Plan does indeed state “…no works programmed for Sundays or Bank Holidays unless otherwise agreed.” As such, providing the delivery is exactly as you have explained below with only one delivery truck with tubs of mortar on-board, we agree that this shall be permitted as a one-off for Monday 2nd April 2018. Please note that this approval is for the below details only and any deviation may constitute a breach. If you have any queries or require an amendment, please let me know prior to the day.

Thank you for seeking approval as per the Construction Management Plan. You may also send this email to any relevant individuals if necessary to prove you are not breaching the permitted working hours.

Kind Regards,

James Bunn LL.B (Hons)
Compliance and Monitoring Officer
Planning Enforcement
Cheshire East Council

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