DWH: Specified Working Hours

The specified working hours in the CEMP are as follows:

“The site “core hours” will be Monday – Friday 08.00-18.00 and Saturday 08.00- 13.00; there will be no works programmed for Sundays or Bank Holidays unless otherwise agreed. Prior approval will be sought from the Council for 07:30am starts. Prior approval will also be sought from the Council for operations such as earthworks or concrete pouring which, can be seasonal and weather dependant.

For certain types of activities e.g. work that entails the possession of a road, works for reasons of public safety, site logistics operations or work within buildings, evening, night time, additional weekend Sunday and Bank Holiday working may be required. The Council will be engaged during the planning and operation of any such activities.”

As you can see Sunday working would not normally be acceptable, but I have highlighted the times when it could be with agreement from ourselves. I’m not aware on this occasion they have agreed this Sunday working, but clearly we have to take a pragmatic view. Clearly if they are causing a disturbance then we need to know and we will take appropriate action.

Hope this assists

Kind regards

Adrian Crowther
Major Applications Team Leader
Cheshire East Borough Council
Development Management Services (Crewe/Sandbach Offices)

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