Mid Cheshire Against HS2 – March 2018 Update

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Dear Councillors

Please find attached an update on the current situation with regard to HS2 Phase 2b and it’s potential affect on Cheshire, we intend to publish these updates on a regular basis in the future.

Without doubt the main impact of HS2 will be felt by those areas within close proximity to the proposed route, however we are already discovering that enabling works on HS2 Phase 1 are already encroaching on and seriously affecting, towns and villages in some cases many miles from the proposed route, this was also evident during the construction of HS1 in Kent. The main problem is the huge number of massive lorries making their way, to and from, the HS2 construction sites. Arguably the whole of Cheshire could be affected, in one way or another, by the construction of HS2.

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Mid Cheshire Against HS2, continue to fight, to at best eliminate HS2 from Cheshire and at worst to achieve the highest levels of mitigation and compensation, for the so desperately affected residents, farms and business’s of Cheshire.

With kind regards.

Graham Dellow

Mid Cheshire Against HS2

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