NP: News Bulletin June 2017

Our consultation period for Regulation 14 finished at noon on 13th June. We have received 146 comments that have been considered with some still being examined by Cheshire Community Action who advise on which we need to action. Where no action is deemed necessary a reason will be given to support this. A full report of the comments will be available on the website in due course.
We are working through the changes that will be made and hopefully within the next couple of weeks we will have a revised plan to submit to Cheshire East Council, who will then begin their own 6 week consultation period.

Should any further comments be received during this period these will also be considered and where necessary changes will be made. The finalised plan will then be sent out for external examination. Assuming the examiner is happy with the plan there will then be a referendum organised by CEC, at which point you as residents get to vote as to whether you wish the plan to be formally adopted. If the examiner requires any further changes these will be implemented prior to the referendum.

We will keep you informed as we near the referendum stage and will do our best to update the website regularly. The Regulation 15 version of the plan which will be submitted to CEC will be uploaded to the website as soon as it is finalised.

This truly is OUR PLAN – take part to make a difference – thank you for your ongoing support.

Sandy Kenyon – Chairman

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