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From Somerford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Thank you to everyone who returned the housing survey before Christmas. We now have a report prepared by Cheshire Community Action which shows the results of the survey and this evidence is what will be used to shape our housing policies for the plan.

We have secured some additional technical help for a housing needs assessment and this will further strengthen our position in establishing these policies. This assessment will be carried out over the next 2-3 months by AECOM who are appointed by Locality to assist us in preparing our plan.

If you wish to read the survey results in full they are available here on the website. If not there is a short summary below:

Ten respondents had members of their household needing their own accommodation, with one new household needing to move now, six within 1-5 years, and three in over five years time. Half of these new households would prefer to move within Somerford, and 70% require a property with one or two bedrooms. Seventy percent would like to buy on the open market, with eighty percent preferring a semi or a detached house. The main reason for needing to move is for independent accommodation, and the majority of those wanting a new home are single adults. Ninety percent of the households requiring new accommodation would like a property with a small garden. The majority have been resident in Somerford for five years. None are on the Cheshire Homechoice housing register.

This truly is OUR PLAN – take part to make a difference – thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind Regards, Sandy Kenyon, Somerford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – Chairman

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