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CONGLETON LINK ROAD : Appointed Engineers – Graham

Construction work commenced in November 2018 with scheduled completion set for late 2020. Core elements of the project will involve cutting the road 8m deep into mudstone in a 25m high escarpment before traversing the River Dane with an 85m long bridge and landing on a 12m high embankment founded on piled alluvium. Two further road bridge crossings and two underpasses will be constructed while 3.5km of realigned and new local roads represent an additional portion of the works programme, which will demand landscaping and environmental mitigation to accommodate great crested newts, bats and ancient woodland.

If you have any concerns please visit Graham Website or contact Daniel Cawthra daniel.cawthra@graham.co.uk, Stakeholder & Communications Officer for the Congleton Link Road.

The Parish Council will also be in liaison with Mr Dan Cawthra, so please let us know of any issues you can’t resolve by emailing the Parish Clerk Julie Mason.

Southern-FieldThe legal transfer of the RSPB land has finally been completed, the Parish Council have begun the journey of putting the plans for the site into effect.

At an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council on Monday last, the 27th January, a contractor was appointed to install the hard landscaping of the pathways and soil bunding.  Somerford Parish Council are pleased to confirm that local firm, James Ashbrook Ltd, have been appointed as that contractor. At an early stage Ashbrook’s generously offered to provide fuelled plant and machinery for the whole project whichever contractor was appointed. More

Somerford Parish Council Gold Award

Somerford Parish Council works to represent Somerford residents and improve the area.

We have set out a clear vision until 2020 and are leading the Parish through the development of a Neighbourhood Plan and are working with CEC to try and assist, even though object, with the best route for the Congleton Link Road through our Parish. Our website contains a host of information on what we do and our role within the community. You can also find an array of information within the Parish.

Meeting Dates & How to Find Us 

Somerford Parish Council holds its regular meeting at:
Pavilion D (Main Yard Stables),
Somerford Park Farm,

Holmes Chapel Road,
Congleton CW12 4SW

All local residents are welcome to attend any of the meetings, as members of the public if you have any specific issues that you would like to raise at a Somerford Parish Council Meeting, please contact the Parish Clerk 
jmasonparishclerk@gmail.com or one of your Councillors.

The Somerford Parish Council today provides a vital part of local democracy, representing views, and guarding local interests with Cheshire East Council, and many other agencies.

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